Feedback Cycle represents a review process or a goal setting process or a survey. The feedback cycle can be designed or configured by selecting employees, reviewer groups, the workflow, and privileges. The feedback cycle regulates the scheduling of employee reviews and facilitates employee reviews more productively.  HR can track the cycle progress to ensure manager and employee reviews are completed within a given time-frame.

The quick overview of 4 basic steps include
  1. Add Cycle Details
  2. Add Employee List
  3. (Optional) Schedule Workflow Activity
  4. Confirm Cycle Setup

To start the feedback cycle  

Pre-requisite: As a prerequisite, before setting up the cycle, make sure that the employee data is updated with new joiners and attrition and that the feedback form/template is available for all the employees.

1. Navigate to Admin > HR Administration

2. Under Performance Module Setup, click Manage Feedback Cycles

Search View lists all the open and closed feedback cycles.

3. To create a new feedback cycle, click Add.

4. In the Cycle Details tab, do the following.

Note: Here, the fields “Cycle Name”, “Template”, “Cycle Date”, and “Workflow” are mandatory. Do not skip these fields.

  • Enter a unique name for the cycle (e.g. Annual Appraisal Cycle 2019, Quarter 1 Cycle 2019, Appraisal Cycle 2018-2019.)

The name of the cycle will display in all reports related to employee feedback and in concerned employee's performance.

  • From the Template list, select the required review plan. The available review plan types include the Performance Appraisal Plan (PAP), IDP, PIP, PRP,  and Survey.

The Performance Appraisal Plan is the first key process that ensures the employees receive performance for the achievement of goals and IDP is the evaluation plan for the employee to develop an individual plan for the coming year.

Note: The feedback form/template you have selected must be already linked to employee work role. If a new work role is added, make sure that the new work role is defined with the relevant feedback form.

  • (optional) Enter the description if needed

  • Using Calendar, set the Cycle Date (the Start and End date range for beginning and ending of the cycle). This is the timeline for the assessment process.

To start the cycle immediately, set the start date to the current date. If setting up the cycle for a future date, the timeline will be adjusted according to the end date.

Note: You can modify the start and end date of the cycle even in progress of the cycle in a case to extend the cycle when the reviewers and employees have not completed the feedback process within the timeline.

  • Select the settings configured already specifically to a review plan that you selected. The settings include

    • Review Group - This is the group of relationships (like Primary Manager, Co-manager, Skip level manager, or Peer) who provide feedback to the employees. The review groups can be managed in the Growth Settings page.
    • Review Period for Assessment - This is the specific period of review for which employee's achievements or accomplishments are assessed over the review period.
    • Review Frequency for Review Period - This is the frequency of the assessment period that can be set annually, monthly, quarterly, or half-yearly. The review period and the review frequencies can be managed in the Manage Review Periods page.
    • Workflow - This is the review process map showing who must complete a task, make a decision, or approve the feedback form.

Tip: To customize or create a new workflow, go to Admin > HR Administration > Workflow. The workflows can be managed in the Manage Workflows page

  • On selecting the required Review Group, Review Period, Review Frequency and Workflow, the achieved targets and review cycles shall be mapped with the review frequency once the cycle is initiated and progressing.

  • Enable the option Qualitative Feedback if reviewers have to provide only feedback during review but not rating.

  • To continue to the next step of adding eligible Employee List, click Save and Continue.

5. In the Employee List tab, do the following.

You can add a list of employees for the current cycle in two ways.

  • One way is to use search filters like Employee Name, Date of Joining (DOJ), Employee type, and Employee status to find the employees applicable for this cycle. Also, use Organization Unit, Location, Work Role, Designation and Track for which this cycle is applicable.
  • The other way is to use the option Import From Excel
    • To insert bulk employee data from your computer, do the following.
      • Download the excel template
      • Add the number and email Id of the employees
      • Then, upload to import the employee data into the system

Note: The employees those are already added to an ongoing cycle cannot be included in the new cycle.

  • To view search result matching the given filters, click Preview. The Preview window lists all the eligible employees by Id, First Name and Email.
  • To add the employees to the cycle, click Add to list.
  • To temporarily remove the employees from the Confirmed List, click Remove. On confirmation with a specific reason, the employees those are not eligible for the current review cycle will be stored under the Removed List and can be included later.
  • To continue to the next step of scheduling workflow activity, click Save and Continue.

Note:  By default, the system automatically sends reminder emails to all employees of this cycle reminding them about their involvement in the corresponding task of the process. If you want to specify the date for each task, use the Schedule tab. 

6. In the Schedule tab, do the following.

  • To set the date for each workflow activity, select an option as needed.
    • For Fixed - set the due date using the calendar. This is the fixed end date for the task.
    • For Duration - enter the number of days from the cycle start date as the due date. This is the extended due date for the task. Beyond the extended date, the task cannot be opened or to-be-performed by the corresponding reviewer and/or employee.
  • To activate sending of reminder emails that are configured specifically to each workflow activity, click Send Reminder

Information: Reminder emails are sent before the due date of the task, in case the task is not completed. 

  • To proceed to the final step, click Save and Continue.

7. The Confirmation tab displays the overview of the cycle settings you configured.

8. To begin the feedback cycle as defined by the Cycle Date, click Confirm.

The cycle start date and workflow will apply only on confirming the cycle

  • If you are not satisfied with the settings, click Previous to modify the settings.
  • You can modify the Cycle Date and add/ remove the employees to/from the cycle even after confirming the cycle or in progress of the cycle.

PS Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screenshots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.