Assessment of competencies is integral to employee performance appraisal process. Competencies can be classified as Core Competencies, Job-specific or Managerial/supervisory. It is suggested to maintain a list of competencies. These competencies can be defined and maintained in the inbuilt competency library of Synergita for future use.  

The Human Resource (HR) manager can create a new feedback form from scratch; It is possible to create review forms specific to employees, specific to the employee's designation or a common review template across the organization. 

Human Resource (HR) Administrator can add or modify competencies from Home screen GoTo IKJoAUO--JNOgkQSPeg3AKbJBRvJ7cN6lw.png -> HR Administration 


 On HR Administration page, Click on Manage Attributes it takes to the following page, where all the performance attributes are listed.


To include a new attribute, click on Y86Do2m3I5jj2vAj814juhiqzV37GtHI4w.png It creates a new row above the existing list:


Complete the required details:

  • Name: Provide a name to the competency.
  • Grade Scale; Select the grade scales pre-defined in the system for your organization. 
  • Description: Define the competency to ensure a shared understanding of the expectations w.r.t the behavior for successful outcomes of task(s). 
  • Help Text: Provides the rating guidelines, this would be visible in the appraisal form. 
  • Feedback Provider Group: Select your organization
  • Section: Select the section from the drop down, which best fits and easily relates with the behavior area to be assessed. Examples for Sections are Job Skills, Core Skills, Critical Behavior, Values, Soft Skills etc., 

Note: The sections have been already created would only reflect in the drop down menu. kindly refer "How to create a new section in feedback form" to know more.  

on completing the details click on F0EcRJuoFEUoQ1ArLAgTr85H3CikM7Lsqg.pngto complete the process. You can add as many competencies that you would like to define for your organization.  

To discard the changes made click on WilEfifcJtWYZDKX8zGfSDfEWGt2o3Bxpw.png

These competencies gets grouped & populated in the competency library of your organizations under the sections they have have been created. These can be easily used during the goals/objective setting and establishing the review plan for the employee. 

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screen shots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.