Work Role defines the basic duties or the routine set of tasks or activities that has been assigned to an individual or he is expected to perform or undertake. The Job Role is a method to differentiate by duties and would vary according to the position/level of the employee in the organization. 


HR Admin will be able to define various Work Roles available within the organization. To define various Job Functions.... 


Go To  _OIjAMMAHnAkDg9y6i8ld2aAeDFLYIJL8A.png On the Menu bar -> Tenant Administration -> Profile Module Setup -> Manage Work Roles


This opens a new page. In this page new Work Roles can be created and they can be tied to a particular existing Tracks (Job Function) and it also lists the existing Work Roles previously included in the system. 


Add Work Role enables to include new Work Role. There is also provision to include a brief description of what basic duties or routine tasks are expected to be undertaken by employees in this particular work role. There is also provision to tie this work role with a particular Job Function. Once done click on Save to include the New Work Role to the existing list or for creating the list for the organization. 

Click on dWCJn-LYXtRG-v3swtN4DOsuAJK3Uhh0nQ.png this opens a the Add Work Role Page. A new row gets automatically created to furnish the details. 


Complete the details and click on  Qje5vJya8bffPCfagvFXfqkIkW_koOlAwQ.pngto save the details. 

Manage Work Roles enables To Edit/Update details of an existing Work Role.  Synergita is enabled with inline editor which makes it easy to edit existing details. 

To edit click on the Work Role, this would open the inline editor.  


Make the changes and click on 6CxCAUMapdRUX3Mv31nmJgTSd4VVoZ0fLQ.pngto Save the changes. 

To discard the changes click on TmLROvdzpMTv9tsbb8GngHFCzT4_ChjqQg.png

There is also provision provided to Activate/Deactivate a particular Work Role. Click on blob1477549752337.pngto deactivate any particular role. This triggers a confirmation pop-up message to ensure if the click on the De-Activation button was accidental. 


Click on OK or Cancel to proceed ahead.

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screen shots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.