Group head allows Organizations define department heads, HR group heads and so on. The groups are defined based on departments, divisions, designations, etc.

To Assign various Group Heads; Go To _OIjAMMAHnAkDg9y6i8ld2aAeDFLYIJL8A.png On the Menu bar -> Tenant Administration -> Profile Module Setup -> Manage Group Heads

Users can create a new Group Head by choosing the employee from the 'Employee name' field.

 Type the name of the employee you are looking for and click on search button _OIjAMMAHnAkDg9y6i8ld2aAeDFLYIJL8A.png

To get the list of all available employees, click on _OIjAMMAHnAkDg9y6i8ld2aAeDFLYIJL8A.png

Choose one employee from the list, select the relationship and The effective from date. Relate it with filters available and click on Save button. At least one filter should be selected.

This will Save the details and will get added in the Group Heads list.

To Edit a Group Head click on the _OIjAMMAHnAkDg9y6i8ld2aAeDFLYIJL8A.pngof the respective record . Make the necessary changes and click on save to save the changes.

To Delete a Relationship, Click on Delete _OIjAMMAHnAkDg9y6i8ld2aAeDFLYIJL8A.png

Confirm the request.

Click on Yes or No to complete the activity.