Performance management module related configurations are managed in this page. 

The steps to configure template matching settings are as follows.

To configure

1. Navigate to Admin > Tenant Administration

2. Under Performance Module Setup, click Growth Settings

Template Matching Settings

Templates or Feedback forms can be configured based on one or more parameters like company, division, department, designation, track, work role, level, location. Based on this configuration, the system will automatically apply the forms to each employee in the goal setting step. This configuration shall be done for each review types such as PAP, IDP, etc.

  • For filter condition, Any – the template that meets any of the filter criteria you selected will be assigned

  • For filter condition, True – the template that meets all the filter criteria you selected will be assigned

Note: Template matching logic is determined based on the customer requirements.

3. To set template matching logic for a new review plan type, click Add and set filters based on business requirements.

KPI Matching Settings

KPI matching settings determine how the goal library is configured in the system. KPI library is configured based on one or more parameters like company, division, department, designation, track, work role, level, location. Based on this configuration, the system will pick the applicable goals for the employees in the library during the goal setting step.

Review Groups

Review groups define the list of raters, who give ratings during the performance review process, the rating type (quantitative or qualitative), whether to mandate the rater to rate all the attributes in the feedback form. Typically the review groups include relationships like Primary Manager, Co-Manager, Skip-Level Manager also including employee (self) to provide ratings.

5. To define a new review group, click Add New Group.

  • Under the Feedback Provider Group List, to define feedback review group name, click ADD

  • Enable Default if you want to assign this review group automatically for the employee goals to be added in the goal setting step

  • Click the Save icon to save the review group under the Feedback Provider Group list

  • To return to the previous page, click Manage Growth Settings at the header

  • Select the feedback provider Relationship (e.g. primary manager, co-manager, skip-level manager, or peer) who need to provide feedback for employees, and rating type either quantitative or qualitative for goal setting or performance reviews. Quantitative type allows raters to provide ratings and Qualitative type allows providing only feedback or comments.

  • If you want to mandate the selected relationship or rater to provide a rating for all attributes in the feedback, then enable the option Rate All Attributes

For example, the Primary Manager will have to rate all attributes, while Co-Manager will have to rate only a few employee goals & competencies.

  • Under Visibility, you can select the relationships who can view the respective rater’s ratings in the past feedback and other feedback pages. The default is All. For employees other than the selected relationships, the ratings and comments are not visible. 


           For example, Organizations may not show the ratings from peers to employees and it's visible only for managers. 


6. Click Save to save the review group settings.

Holacracy Configuration

Holacracy is a new way of structuring and running your organization that replaces the conventional management hierarchy. Instead of operating top-down, authority is distributed throughout the organization, giving individuals and team members more freedom to self-manage, while staying aligned to the organization’s purpose.

In the Holacracy approach, employees work with multiple managers for different assignments. So the employees' goals have to be tied with the respective manager and during annual reviews, all the managers have to provide feedback and ratings.

7.  The following configurations are available.

  • Configure Goal Manager Relationship - Select the relationships you want to configure as Holacracy goal managers for evaluation and rating. The employees, who hold these relationships can be mapped with employee goals

  • Enable Min/Max Goals For Primary Manager - the minimum and maximum goals to-be-mapped with the Primary Manager. The system will enforce the rule during goal setting step

  • View Holacracy Goals and select the relationships - The selected relationships apart from the goal manager will be able to see the ratings and comments provided in the performance reviews

  • Enable Recommendation and the relationships who can view Holacracy Recommendation -  The selected relationships apart from the goal manager will be able to see the recommendation form

8. On saving, the changes will reflect immediately.

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screenshots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.