Business Rules help define customer specific behaviors around certain functionalities. For example, the logic to create new employee numbers can be defined in the respective business rule. 

During Implementation, you can configure business rules and after implementation, you can manage the business rules from the Manage Business Rules Settings page.

The steps to set up business rules are as follows.

To configure a business rule

1. Navigate to Admin > Tenant Administration

2. Under Settings, click Business Rules

3. Business Rules Settings list displays the predefined business rules that are configured specifically to a customer.

4. You can enable the business rules to activate and execute.

5. Click the Edit icon   relevant to the required business rule row and set values against the properties to assign the business rule set specific for a customer.

6. The changes in the value of the business rule properties take effect immediately.

Refer below a sample Employee Feedback Bucket Business Rules that allow you to define the final ratings or buckets. Based on this rule, the system automatically allocates final ratings to employees based on their review scores. 

With this business rule, you can also set the business rules based on the Organization Unit (Company), Location, or Level of employees.

Given below are the other few business rules that are predefined in the product.

  • Configure color code for Perception Gap Analysis Report – Configure the color code for a range (minimum and maximum rating value that you specify) to apply in the bar diagram chart in perception gap analysis report

  • Employee Number Configuration Rules – Configure Prefixes respective to employee types like Contract, Intern, Part-time, Regular

  • Employee Number Configuration Rules For Location – Configure Prefixes respective to employee‘s geographical location

  • Employee Score Target Bucket Rules – Configure bucket values for employee’s each goal attribute

  • HiPo Rating Calculation – Configure weightage for Average Performance Score, Potential Rating, Critical Rating such that the sum of weightage should be equal to 100 percent

  • Overall Score Calculation – Configure how the overall score is calculated during performance reviews. 

  • Pre-populate Ratings & Feedback – Configure Copy feedback From Relationship and Copy feedback To Relationship respective to a feedback types (like 360 feedback, confidential feedback, etc.) with inclusive or exclusive of feedback comment such that the review feedback given in the previous cycle will be copied to the current cycle

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screenshots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.