Synergita provides several dashboard widgets. As a HR administrator, you can enable these widgets to required roles. 

The steps to enable the widget are described in admin perspective. The steps are as follows.

To set up widget role

1. Navigate to Admin > Tenant Administration

2. Under Settings, click Manage Widget Roles

This view lists all the available dashboard widgets. The widgets include

  • Attrition
  • Feedback Cycle Status Widget
  • Gender Diversity
  • Head Count
  • My Goals
  • My Team Celebrations
  • My Training
  • New Hire Trend
  • Pending Activities
  • Performance Rating
  • Skill Approval Widget

3. To add a widget to an employee’s dashboard, click the Manage Privilege icon relevant to the widget row.

4. Set permissions All or IsInRelationship against the roles to view all data or data relevant to the linked relationship. These relationships determine the scope of data, which are shown in the widgets. For example, if you enable "All", all the employee data are shown; if you select IsInrelationship, only the team members are shown.

5. On saving and publishing, the widgets will appear on the concerned employee’s dashboard and the employee can perform actions on the widgets to drill-down the chart or filter data to view dashboard result.

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screenshots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.