• Navigate to OKR > Individual Objectives
  • Under the Individual Objectives tab, click Create Objective option


  • Enter the Objective Name



  • Enter the description
  • Choose the relevant Measure by (text or value) from the dropdown menu
  • Enter the target value
  • Determine the Start Date and Due Date for the OKR



  • You can Tag your objective by choosing the same from the list of tags or you shall add a new tag

  1. Click Add Key Result to add key results for the objective. You can add one or more key results for your objective
  2. Click Submit to add the new OKR

The OKR will be created in the system and it can be viewed under the Individual Objectives tab

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screenshots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.