OKR progress is very important for any organization to identify the hits and misses when it comes to the achievement of the target. Synergita OKR has made the update process very easy. Follow the below steps to update the OKR progress. 

  • Navigate>OKR
  • Click >Company Objective (You can click on either, Company or Team or Individual objective)

  • Clicking on the company objective will take you to the Objectives listing page.

  • Click on the objective for which you want to update the progress.

  • This action will take you to the OKR details page where the objective and the Key Results for the same will be listed.
  • Under the objective name you can find the Progress Bar. 
  • Under the Key Results, you have the progress update icon.
  • Clicking on the same will take you to the Update Key Result Pop-Up. 

The progress of the Key Results can be updated in two ways.

Method 1: You can either drag/slide the progress bar of the desired Key Result.  

Method 2: Or you can use the up & down arrow buttons that are highlighted in the above screenshot. You can either increase /decrease the value based on the progression. 

Click>Save after you have entered the achieved Key Result value. This action saves the progress of the Key Results. 


  • Once the Key Results progress is updated, based on the pre-defined cumulative calculation, the overall progress of the Objective is updated automatically. 

Note: When the OKR is in the review stage, the progress bar will be in read-only mode.