• Added OKR into the free trial product

  • OKR

    1. Introduced weightages for key results; this allows to track the progress of objectives considering the criticality & volume of the work for each key result

    2. Approval for Team Objectives

    3. Review of Assess OKRs

    4. Minor enhancements in the OKR configuration

  • Introduced In-app chat support to customers subscribed for premium and administration support packages

  • Ability to activate/deactivate/suspend tenants from the frontend; New UX for manage tenants page

  • Enhanced Training log to allow employees to add logs without recommendation

  • Optimized the data refresh between analytical and product databases

  • Performance optimization in the normalization page

  • Remove the email ID & username while deactivating employees; this will allow allocating the same email ID & username to new joiners

  • Load the approval awaiting feedback form when there is no published form for the employee. This enhancement allows the employees to see the set of goals entered last time in the system

  • Added grid view for floating-point rating scales

  • Integration with QuestionPro premium edition for end-user satisfaction survey

  • Minor enhancements

  • Bug fixes