A review for OKR means once the employee updates the OKR progress or completion progress in the system, the status will be sent for review.

To review/approve the OKR navigate to,

  • OKR > OKR Approvals / Reviews

  • To view the pending review submitted by the employees; click the Review option against the respective objective.

  • You can able to view the completion status of the specific objective.

  • You can review the status and can provide the rating and feedback for the same. Also, you have the option to do the following actions.
    • Let the employee continue to work on this objective
    • Close the objective

  • Once you are done with the review, kindly submit the form

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screenshots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries