According to the organization's methodology, you will be able to configure OKR in the Synergita PMS system as per your requirement.

To configure OKR

1. Navigate to Admin > HR Administration

2. Under Performance Module Setup, click Configure OKR.

3. You will have the option to add all employees to the OKR Program or the employees by criteria. The Choose employees by criteria option will allow you to select the eligibility options, Company, Designation, and Location or OKR eligible employees. Based on the criteria, these employees will be added to the OKR program by default.

4. The OKR module will also allow the HRs to add additional employees eligible for OKR apart from the criteria configured above. To add additional employees, turn on the "Do you want to add additional employees apart the eligibility defined above?" toggle button to YES. To add an individual employee, please click on the Add Employees button. To add employees in bulk, click on Import Employees Button.

Add Employees:

When you click the Add Employees button, the Employee Directory shown below will display. You can perform a search and click the ADD button against the employee to add the employee to the OKR program.

Import Employees:

On clicking the Import Employees button, the below import utility will open to download the default template (Excel file). Add the employees in the template and save the excel file.

Click on Choose File option to upload the saved template.

Once the file is imported, you will be able to view the valid records and invalid records in the Import sheet. The validation sheet can be downloaded by clicking on the Download button. Click on YES to upload the Valid records into the list.

5. In the Configuration step,

  • Select the employee who will be creating the company objectives.

  • Select the employees who will be creating the team objectives using the ADD button. The Organization unit can be used to associate a team to the employees.

    To enable the approval of the team objective, turn on the "Enable Approval" toggle button. Once you enable the toggle button, you will have the access to select employees under the "Who can approve" option to approve the team objectives.

  • Choose the relationship that will be creating objectives for other employees.


  • Choose the relationships that can view the objectives of other employees.

  • Select the employees who can view the confidential objectives.

  • To enable the approval process for individual objectives, turn on the toggle button to YES. Select who will approve the objectives (Primary Manager or Aligned objective owner / OKR Champion)

To enable review for OKR, turn on the toggle button to YES.

You can view the list of rating scales created in the system and select the required scale

In the same way, you can configure who would like to review the Individual OKRs and the Team OKRs. So that the respective relationship will perform the review process.

  • To allow employees to update the achieved target for the objectives, turn on the toggle button to YES.

  • To show the company objectives to all the employees, turn on the toggle button to YES.

  • To show the team objectives to all the employees, turn on the toggle button to YES.

  • You can also add tags using the Tagging option for the objectives. These tags can be used to filter the objectives or perform a quick search on the objectives.

6. Click on the Save button, once the configuration of OKR is done.

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary on how the features are described here. The given screenshots may also vary from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.