During sign-ups, there are different scenarios where the sign-ups get repeated for known reasons. This article will take you through the two scenarios of repeated sign-ups and helps the user understand them better. 


Scenario 1:

User A signs up for Synergita OKR.

The user receives a welcome e-mail for setting up the account.

  • User who clicks on "Click here" will have the account set up for the Synergita OKR.
  • User A becomes the admin.
  • When another new user, User B from the same domain (company e-mail ID) signs up for the OKR, the user will receive an email stating the user that the company has already created an account and prompting them to contact User A to set up the account.

Scenario 2: 

  • When a new user sign's up for Synergita OKR, an email will be sent.
    • If the user does not click on the link and get the e-mail verified, the account will not be created.
    •  Instead, when another user having the same domain sign up, clicks on the link provided in the email, and gets the credentials verified will automatically be assigned the role of the Admin.
    • The first user who tries to click on the link will be redirected to the intermediate page as shown in the second screenshot, above. The user can contact the admin and be included as an invited user.