Released: March 2024

  • Content Change :
    • Replaced the term With Key results & aligned objectives with With key results & contributors in Progress calculation field in Create/Edit objectives page and progress scale bar tool tip.
    • Renamed Configuration to OKR Admin in the navigation pane and header of the same section.
    • Renamed copy in OKR configuration for better clarity. In the configuration, copies of various settings have been renamed uniformly to improve understanding

  • Functionality Enhancement:
    • Enhanced name suggestions in user search fields to dynamically display names after the user types the first letter.
    • Users can now input their company names directly within the signup process. Previously, company names were requested in an external form, but this has been integrated into the signup flow within the product.
    • Saving an OKR after editing now redirects to the Objective page.

  • Minor Bug fixes and enhancements