• 1. Appraisal Letters Distribution – Enhancements
    1. 1. Ability to define multiple salary components - This feature enables to maintain the compensation break-up for all employees. 
    2. 2. Show the salary components as a table in the appraisal letter - This enables enables to indicate the compensation breakup when distributing the revision letter to the employees for their easy understanding. 
  • 2. Enhancements in Bulk Approvals.
  • 3. Goal Setting Page Enhancements
    1. 1. Weightage validation in goal setting page - highlight the problematic section - This feature ensures the weightage for any section during the goals setting phase does not exceed 100%. This logic does not allow to save the goal in case of this error and a pop indicates the error.   
    2. 2. When remarks/comments are available, show the count in feedback/recommendation pages - This deals with the confidential exchange of notes between a manager and the skip level manager when providing feedback to a team member. The comments box now indicates the total number of comments available.  
    3. 3. Show the remaining weightage in the goal setting page as new goals are added dynamically - This feature enables to easily plan the allocation of weightage for each goal during the goals setting phase. 
  • 4. Admin page to configure score calculation logic in the system.
  • 5. Introduce review period for goals
    1. 1. Ability to define review periods (e.g. 2014-2015, 2015-2016)
    2. 2. Do the goal setting for review periods - This feature enables to set goals specific to be achieved for the review period. This enables to have short review periods and monitoring and tracking progress becomes more easier. 
    3. 3. Refer the goals of past review periodsThis feature enables to easily refer the previous performance of the employee and the goals set for each review period. 
  • 6. Added perception gap analysis link to "Related Feedback" page.- 
  • 7. Ability to deactivate Track, Work Role, Designation and Organization Hierarchy have been introduced.
  • 8. PIP Module Enhancements.
    1. 1. Ability to define master template for PIP and load the template automatically during review plan creation
    2. 2. Show the feedback from all the raters in the Provide Feedback page for easy reference
    3. 3. Show the improvement areas identified in the "View Goals" page
    4. 4. A new page to show the review plan feedback to employees and others
    5. 5. Added an email notification when feedback is submitted
  • 9. Export PDF Enhancements
  • 10. Security Issue Fixes.
    1. 1. Added Meeting Summary, Appeal Feedback Summary and Rating Summary sections
  • 11. Performance Improvements.