• 1. Training Enhancements - Ability to define courses at Organization, unit level, define mandatory courses for employees, ability for manager to recommend training courses to team members anytime.
  • 2. Export for cumulative view of goal metrics.
  • 3. Changes in normalization screen --> process/sub process wise bell curve, Option to generate Bell curve with/without attrition.
  • 4. Default configuration for new tenants with more predefined roles, relationships & privileges.
  • 5. Sending reminders on-demand --> Send the reminder emails for specific steps in the workflow on demand irrespective of the frequency set.
  • 6. Display group relationship in the "Reporting To" tab of employee profile.
  • 7. Additional set goal activity to enable employee set goal in some cases & appraiser do goal setting in other cases
  • 8. Update Goals - a new workflow step to update the actual achievements in the system.
  • 9. Provision to have the approve goal activity without reject option.
  • 10. Restriction on no. of characters for all the text areas across the product.
  • 11. The following new workflow activities have been introduced.
    1. 1. Provide feedback step for Reviewer 1 (Skip Level Manager 1)
    2. 2. Provide Feedback activity for Reviewer 2 (Skip Level Manager)
    3. 3. Provide Feedback activity for Department Head
  • 12. Option to show the rating summary above the feedback section in the feedback pages
  • 13. Rating summary section has been enhanced to show the employee number and name for each relationship.
  • 14. Added a link to employee profile from provide feedback page.
  • 15. Pictorial representation from different reviewers.
  • 16. Introduced a limit on the no. of training courses the manager can recommend to employees during review cycle.
  • 17. Introduced grade filter to the Normalization page and the ability to generate Bell Curve by grades across the Organization.
  • 18. Introduced score column to the Normalization grid, which adds the ability to sort the employees by score and do forced ranking.
  • 19. Show the employee records even before a final rating is assigned in the normalization page. The final ratings will be entered after sorting the employees by score in the normalization page.
  • 20. Ability to revert the workflow to any of the previous activities.