1.  Enhancements in Final Score calculation - Able to set score calculation business rule while creating a feedback cycle
  2.  Minor enhancement in Goals Approval - A configurable option for customers to restrict manager from editing goals in approval step
  3.  Performance Improvement enhancements
    •  My Team
    • My Team Performance
    • My Action items
    • Normalization screens
  4.  Employee Photo storage is changed to database from file system
  5.  Added new base fields in Recommendation Form
  6.  Able to send a separate email reminder to external user
  7.  Minor enhancements in skill approval widget and advanced search
  8.  Enhancements in KPI library - Introduced new mapping fields like track, work role, designation, organization unit
  9.  Added new email reminders for PIP module
  10.  Enhancement in Manage user screen - able to bulk reset the user password
  11.  Enhancement in one pager report - added education details
  12.  Import Features
    • Import Skills - Allow HR to import master skill into the system
    • Import Training courses - Allow HR to import training courses into the system

    • Import Relationship enhancements

    • Import Employee enhancements

  13.  Synergita Reports
    • Employee Report
    • Employee Feedback Status Report

    • Performance and Rating Report

    • Recommend Training Course Report

  14.  Additional custom reports
    • Relationship Report
    • Skill Pending Report
    • Feedback Score Report
    • Goals Dump Report
    • Master Training Details Report
    • Discussion Summary Report
    • Review Period Status Report
    • Master Template Checklist Report
    • Role Access Report
    • Group Heads Details Report
    • Master Skill Dump Report
    • Confidential Comments Report