1. PIP UX Enhancement  

    PIP is brought in as a separate module with additional features to define the review frequency, reviewers and so on. More admin configurations have been added to increase the flexibility. 

2. PIP Summary Report 

    A report to track the PIP progress across the Organization.

3. MY Performance UX enhancement

    Better representation of individual's performance data. 

4. Sentiment Analysis for Continuous feedback 

    Sentiment score is enabled for continuous feedback.

5. Sentiment Analysis Report

    A detailed dashboard to analyze the quality of the feedback shared across the teams in the organization.

6. Team Score UX enhancement

    Better and organized representation of the 360 scores of employees. 

7. Reminder for Web & Mobile login

    Reminder notification to nudge users login to web & mobile app after the product rollout for new customers.


8. Import Employee details enhancement

Increased usability by intimating the user for new Master data addition during import and adding multi-level support at each node of org hierarchy.

9. Performance improvements and Bug fixes