Synergita OKR

    • Updates on OKR Hierarchy Tree .
      • Aligned OKR now available in list view.
      • You can view the aligned objectives in similar format to the unaligned objectives.
      • The objectives aligned to the OKR is displayed in the last column.
      • Clicking on the objective and aligned objective leads to the OKR Details page.
    • OKR Cloning feature introduced (OKR Growth Users)
      • Existing OKRs can be cloned with different dates, owner, and Key Results.
      • OKRs can be cloned for multiple users simultaneously, for up to 10 users.
      • Cloning can be done either with Key Results or without Key Results.
      • If cloned without Key results, then you can enter the key results separately,
    • Profile Picture Update
      • You can now add, change, and remove your profile picture in Synergita OKR.
      • The images can be cropped accordingly.
    • Updates on Review Scale.
      • 5 Point Review Scale added, to the existing Review scale that included “Comments Only” and 3 point review scale.
      • The short form and their expanded forms of the 5 points review can be customized.

Synergita Perform

  • Security Fixes and Minor Enhancement.