1. Application Programming Interface (API) 

Synergita provides API for integration with other software products. This enables customers to use Synergita along with other systems such as Payroll, Leave Management, Learning Management etc., for easy and seamless experience to the employee. This integration also relieves HR of the manual task of updating multiple systems. 

2. What are APIs?

APIs are the robust way of integrating two different software applications. It allows for two different applications to interact among themselves.

3. What do APIs do?

They enable two different systems to interact among themselves which allows for seamless data transfer between both the applications. 

4. Why do we need APIs?

It is highly unlikely that two different systems may have the same fields names or interpret them the same way, this necessitates the need for interpretation & data mapping. APIs are the program in the middle of two systems, to fetch or pull data from one system - make adjustments and then push it to another. Kindly find a simple illustration of data mapping.  

As is evident in the above illustration, the field names are different. 

5. Have you previously carried out integration of systems?

Yes, we have integrated Synergita with: 

6. Do we still have to call for update every time, the data is required to be updated?

No, once integrated communication between both the software applications will maintain indefinitely. Fields that have been identified for integration will update automatically once the details in one system has been changed (One system acting as master or source software and the other acting as the destination software) and published via web services. 

7. What about Security of the data?

All the web services requested are handled through TLS Protocol and the data on transit is safe & secure. 

8. If software systems are not integrated, how do we transfer/exchange data between two different systems?

Synergita offer's Export/Import feature. Data in Excel format can be manually imported into Synergita at regular intervals. Data from Synergita can also be manually exported to feed other systems.  

9. Does Synergita support single sign-on (SSO)?

Yes, Synergita supports Single Sign-on with other systems. It can also be easily integrated with your Active Directory Server or Google Authentication Server or any other custom server. Synergita support SSO for LDAP, OpenID & SAML based authentication.

10. What does Synergita API offer us?

  • Synergita supports REST based APIs.
  • Request or response format is JSON.
  • Authentication is based on shared secured key
  • All our APIs supports secured HTTPS protocol.
  • Data Synchronization frequency shall be setup as per customer requirement

Lastly the API approach allows any software to communicate with another software. This includes software's that may not have existed when Synergita was implemented.

Note: You may contact one of our representatives to see explore how you might want to take advantage of this powerful functionality.