In the organizational setup, the employee profile and relationship information is seamlessly connected and shared between your organization's internal system (Eg - People strong, API, Paymaster, etc) and Synergita, a Performance Management System (PMS). 

The integration allows for a smooth flow of data between the two systems. Each day, updates made in your System are automatically synchronized with Synergita through a scheduled process. 

As a result, any changes made to employee profiles and relationships in Your System are efficiently captured and reflected in the Synergita PMS the following day. This ensures that the data in Synergita remains up-to-date and accurately represents the latest information available in Your Own System, facilitating effective performance management and streamlined HR processes."

The Synergita system will additionally produce a Success/Failure status for the synchronized log details after the data synchronization is complete.

Note: Only the data fields that are valid for integration will be updated automatically in the PMS.

As an Admin (HR), you can view the status of the data synchronization file of the employees from your end by following the below steps:

STEP 1: Go to Admin > Integration under the Display Toolbar panel

STEP 2: You will be re-directed to the Integration page in the PMS.

 STEP 3: Click "View Logs" under the Configure Synchronization tab to view the list of processed & updated records.

After clicking the "View Logs", you will find the list of logs with the Date of last execution (Sync date), Executed File name, Number of records processed, Number of records Inserted/Updated, and the status of the data synchronization file.

If the data synchronization is successfully updated without any errors, the status will be shown as "OK" and the respective data will be updated in the PMS.

If the data synchronization is updated with a failure status, you can find the failure log details of the employee data which are not updated into the system with the respective reasons.

STEP 4: You can export the integration file of the respective date by clicking the download option under the status tab and can view the failure reasons of the employee data synchronization.

You can check the failure reasons of the employee in the integration Log file and re-load the employee with the correct data by the next synchronization in your system.

If you have any questions, concerns, or require further assistance, related to the integration part, please contact the support of the respective Integration system.