What is E-Communication?

HR teams can engage employees through emails. HRs can compose and send emails from Synergita to the group of employees. The powerful visual dashboard reveals the email engagement metrics and helps analyze engagement value of every message.


  • Formulate methods to nurture employees who actively participate in corporate activities and attract employees who are less inclined to participate.
  • Identify which corporate communication grabs attention and which activities are an instant hit through HR email metrics
  • Improve functional efficiencies, such as the right time to send emails and the special words in the subject line that increases open rate, by decoding past metrics
  • Now engage your employees efficiently through emails like how marketers engage their prospects

Accessing the feature:

E-communication feature can be accessed via Engagement --> E-communication


Clicking on the E-Communication link takes the user to dashboard,

Using this dashboard, the HR teams can analyze the following metrics

  • Emails Sent
  • Emails Read
  • Emails Unread
  • Emails Undelivered

This gives a sense of how these emails were engaging to employees or not.

You can also create multiple slices/dices of these metrics by choosing the Date Range.

This dashboard will also show the Monthly Email Distribution for the selected Date range. The chart shows the count of total emails that are sent every month.

The total percentage of emails read, unread and undelivered are shown in the Overall E-Communication Statistics chart.

Manage Emails:

Clicking on the Manage Emails tab takes you to the following page. Manage emails page shows the list of emails dispatched so far and the in-draft emails.

The following data for each email can be reviewed here.

  • Subject of the Email
  • Email Status, Whether the email has been sent or saved as a draft.
  • Total Recipients in the email that has been sent or saved as draft.
  • The metrics of the email that has been sent.


You can compose new emails by clicking the "Compose" button,

You can choose the recipients easily from the Advanced Filters available. Clicking on the Advanced filter, opens a pop up as shown below and the user can choose the recipients. Select the filters and clicking on Apply button loads the list of recipients in the 'To" field.

You can also manually enter the valid email ids of the recipients directly into the "To" and the "Cc" fields.

You can create customized emails using the text editor given in the Content area.

Attachments can be added by clicking the "Attach file" option.

Save as Draft - saves the composed email as a draft and you can send it at a later point of time.

Send Now - sends the email to the list of recipients in the "To" and "Cc" field.