The Culture score, a Mobile App feature, is the best and simplest way to ask the peers or manager or leader to rate their colleague on adherence to various company values. The rating can be given either in open or anonymous manner. The rating helps HR to measure employees’ adherence level to the company’s core values in their day-to-day actions and interactions. 

Given below are the examples of core values that the organization expects its employees to follow in the work environment.

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Customer success
  • Mutual respect for each other
  • Inclusive learning

To configure core value rating plan, refer the topic Manage Core Values Rating

How to Provide Culture score?

  • Culture score can be provided by downloading the "Synergita" application from play store / app store.

  • This is a mobile enabled feature and you can use it with the "Synergita" application. 

  • Once you downloaded the application, you can sign in to the app with your credentials.

  • On successful login you will be directed to the landing page of the Synergita app. The landing page appears as shown.

  • You can provide the Culture score to the employees added in the plan by pressing on the "Provide Culture score" icon from the landing page.

  • The Landing page is as shown below.

  • Tap the "Provide Culture score" icon to provide a rating to the employees added in the plan.


  • You can also Provide Culture score from the My team page. The page is as shown below. From the My team page, You can press the Provide Culture score icon and this will navigate to the Provide Culture score page.

  • Once you press the Provide Culture score icon  from the landing page, the page will be navigated to the "Choose Employee page". 

  • The Choose employee page will be as shown below. The list of employees added to the plan will be displayed here. You can also use the Filter option that is available to filter and choose the employee from the list.

  • You can navigate to the Provide Culture score page by choosing and clicking on the employee card to whom the rating has to be given.

  • The Provide Culture score page will be as shown below.

  • Questions that are configured during the creation of the  plan will be displayed here. The rating scale values defined during creation of the plan will be displayed against each question. You can select the rating scale and provide you rating.

  • You can view the guidelines for each question that were configured during creation of the plan by clicking on the Help icon across each questions.

  • The guidelines will be displayed in the pop up as shown below. You can close the pop up by clicking on the close button.

  • The Overall score will be generated based on the Provided Rating.

  • The overall rating value is calculated by taking the average of the provided rating. The bucket value defined for the selected range will be displayed as the value for the Overall Score.

  • Submit button will submit the Ratings provided.

How to View My Culture score?

  • You can View your Core Value Rating by pressing on the "My Culture score" icon in the landing page. The "My Culture score" dashboard will be as shown below.

  • The choose period drop down is used to group and show the ratings received. The value in the drop down will be based on the duration selected in the "Set your Preference tab" of the configuration page.

  • Culture score displayed is the average of the ratings received.

  • The Recent Ratings tab will show who has rated you. This section can be enabled or disabled from the Configuration page. You can scroll horizontally and see the raters who has rated you in the past.

  • The SUMMARY will show the percentage and the number of ratings received each rating scale wise. This will show the percentage distribution of the overall ratings received.

  • The number count can be viewed by removing removing the percentage tick icon. 

  • Clicking the View details will take you to the details page.

  • The view details page is as shown below. This page will show you the Summary for each question wise. Using this detailed view, you can find you areas of improvement by identifying the weak areas based on the rating.

  • Clicking on the View details will show you the list of comments that is received for the question.

  • The Comments page is as shown below.

  • You can view the comments provided by your peers and identify your weak and strong areas.

The comments received will be shown along with the rating provided. If someone has given an anonymous rating, then the entry will  be shown as "Rater".