What is ORBIT Rating?

ORBIT Stands for,

O – Open and Frank Exchange of thoughts

R – Respect for Others

B – Balanced freedom with Responsibility

I – Inclusive Learning

T – Total Focus on Results

ORBIT Rating enables the Organization to rate the employees on the Organizational values and arrive at a Final/Cumulative score.

This creates a real time feedback on ORBIT values to the employees. The employees will be more aware of the impact (Positive and Negative) of their demonstration of ORBIT behaviors on the employees and towards the Organizational values.

You can set and provide your own Organizational values and rate your employees.

How to Setup ORBIT Rating?

ORBIT Rating can be setup from the,

Admin --> HR Administration --> Manage ORBIT Rating

You will be landed in the following page.

This page will show the list of plans already created in the grid if any.

You can Add/Create a new plan by clicking on the ADD button.You have to create a plan in order to use the ORBIT rating in the mobile application.

Clicking on the Add button will land you in the following page.

You have to enter a valid Plan Name and click on save and continue to navigate to the Select Rating scale tab.

The Select Rating tab will be as shown below.

Configure Rating Scale

The Rating scale and the ratings can be set here.

Configure Overall Rating Rules

You have to provide the rating value to be displayed for the Overall Rating. You can choose the range and define the value for that particular range of rating scale.

You have to click on the Save and Continue button after filling the mandatory fields. The page will be navigated to the "Create the Questionnaire' tab.

Create the Questionnaire tab is as shown below. The list of questions will be shown in the grid. You can add your Organizational values here.

Edit icon is used to edit the question created

Delete icon can be used to remove the entry.

The ADD pop up is as shown below. You can add the questionnaire/ Organization values for the employees to be rated on. You can also set the ordinal to set the order of displaying the questionnaire if there are many.

Add Guidelines to help the employees to give a brief against the values to be rated on.

Once the Questionnaires are added and clicking on the save and continue button will navigate to the "Set your preferences" tab.

Set Your Preferences tab is as shown below

Rating Calculation Mode: You can Group the ratings received and show a final score by choosing the interval here. The ratings will be refreshed based on the Interval chosen here. You can choose the ratings to be grouped and shown annually, Half yearly, Quarterly or Monthly using the Rating Calculation mode drop down.

Show Guidelines for Questions: Checking on this checkbox will show the Guidelines that are configured in the Provide ORBIT rating page of the Mobile app.


Enable Anonymous Rating: You can provide a anonymous rating and submit. Clicking on this check box, you can choose whether to rate anonymous for each question or to rate anonymous overall.

Show Recent Raters: You can choose to turn on/off the recent raters tab that will appear in the "My ORBIT Rating" page of the mobile app using this checkbox.

Comments: You can provide comments for each question in the Provide Orbit Rating page of the mobile app. Here you can set whether the Comments has to be mandatory when rating is provided or comments are not mandatory. This options can be selected from the dropdown.

Click save and Continue to navigate to the "Add Employee list" page.

The Add Employees list page is as shown below

Now Add employees to the plan. The employees added here will be the part of the plan. The employees added here can provide or receive the ratings,

The employees can be added to the plan by choosing the Filter. Multiple filters can be chosen and employees can be added to the plan. 

You can view the list of employees added by clicking on the "Preview" button.

You can also add Additional employees to the plan by clicking on the ADD button under the "Additional Employees" section. 

This actually allows you to add specific employees apart from the Filter chosen. 

After adding the employees to the plan, You can delete the added employees by clicking on the delete icon.

Click on the "Save and continue" button to navigate to the Confirm & Initiate the Plan.

The tab is as shown below. Click on the initiate plan will start the plan and make the plan as active. Only one plan can be set as active at a point of time.

How to Provide ORBIT Rating?

ORBIT Rating can be provided by downloading the "Synergita" application from play store / app store.

This is a mobile enabled feature and you can use it with the "Synergita" Application. Once you download the application, you can sign in to the app with your credentials.

On successful login you will be landed on the landing page of the Synergita app. The landing page is as shown.

You can provide the ORBIT Rating to the employees added in the plan by pressing on the "Provide Orbit Rating" icon from the landing page.

The Landing page is as shown below.

You can press on the "Provide ORBIT Rating" icon to provide a rating to the employees added in the plan. 

You can also Provide ORBIT Rating from the My team page. The page is as shown below. From the My team page, You can press the Provide Orbit Rating icon and this will navigate to the Provide Orbit Rating page.

Once you press the Provide ORBIT Rating icon  from the landing page, the page will be navigated to the "Choose Employee page". The Choose employee page will be as shown below. The list of employees added to the plan will be displayed here. You can also use the Filter option that is available to filter and choose the employee from the list.

You can navigate to the Provide ORBIT rating page by choosing and clicking on the employee card to whom the rating has to be given.

The Provide ORBIT Rating page will be as shown below

Questions that are configured during the creation of the  plan will be displayed here. The rating scale values defined during creation of the plan will be displayed against each question. You can select the rating scale and provide you rating.

You can view the guidelines for each question that were configured during creation of the plan by clicking on the Help icon across each questions.

The guidelines will be displayed in the pop up as shown below. You can close the pop up by clicking on the close button.

The Overall score will be generated based on the Provided Rating. 

The overall rating value is calculated by taking the average of the provided rating. The bucket value defined for the selected range will be displayed as the value for the Overall Score.

Submit button will submit the Ratings provided.

How to View My ORBIT Rating

You can View your ORBIT Rating by pressing on the "My ORBIT Rating" icon in the landing page. The "My ORBIT Rating" dashboard will be as shown below.

The choose period drop down is used to group and show the ratings received. The value in the drop down will be based on the duration selected in the "Set your Preference tab" of the configuration page.

ORBIT Rating displayed is the average of the ratings received.

The Recent Ratings tab will show who has rated you. This section can be enabled or disabled from the Configuration page. You can scroll horizontally and see the raters who has rated you in the past.

The SUMMARY will show the percentage and the number of ratings received each rating scale wise. This will show the percentage distribution of the overall ratings received.

The number count can be viewed by removing removing the percentage tick icon. 

Clicking on the View details will take you to the details page. The view details page is as shown below. This page will show you the Summary for each question wise. Using this detailed view, you can find you areas of improvement by identifying the weak areas based on the rating.

Clicking on the View details will show you the list of comments that is received for the question.

The Comments page is as shown below

You can view the comments provided by your peers and identify your weak and strong areas.

The comments received will be shown along with the rating provided. If someone has given an anonymous rating, then the entry will  be shown as "Rater".