Synergita is focused on bringing affordable talent management solutions to every organization. Having seen the challenges that HR goes through in managing talent in several different organizations and the need to bring the performance management and feedback systems closer to the business and people, Asteor created the Synergita platform. It is a cloud-based solution hence can be accessed easily from anywhere with any internet-enabled device including a mobile phone. 

Most business managers consider the annual performance appraisal as an annual ritual that is policed by HR. CEO's on the other hand, feel the need to bring the performance management process closer to their business and closer to their people. There is a need to empower line managers and help them take an active part in the talent management process on a day to day basis.

  • Synergita empowers HR to customize annual appraisal templates, rating methodologies, and recommendation/approval processes to align closely with the business functions, levels, and roles.
  • Synergita empowers business managers to create employee-specific review plans, conduct periodic reviews (weekly / monthly / quarterly) and capture the ratings and comments for future reference and analysis.
  • Synergita encourages social recognition through a continuous feedback page dedicated for each employee, where managers, peers and internal customers cn post open feedback and confidential comments.

Synergita consists of the following modules:

  • Core HR (People Profile)
  • Performance Management module
  • Employee Development module
  • Analytics module
  • Administration module

Core HR (People Profile)

This module manages all employee information

  • Maintain and track employee data
  • Maintain reporting structure
  • Map skills, education, and experience
  • Maintain passport and visa and information
  • Maintain Career Aspiration
  • Maintain Training logs
  • Maintain documents related to an employee

Performance management

This module helps in managing employee performance. It brings in an excellent blend of best practices from both Traditional Performance Management and Modern Performance Management practices. It consists of several features:

  • Administering and executing the performance appraisal process
  • Periodically update and monitor achievements - Goals Management.
  • 360-degree appraisal.
  • Traditional performance appraisal.
  • Periodic reviews
  • Continuous feedback.
  • Performance Improvement Plan & Individual Development Plan.


This module provides complete insights from the performance management process in an easy to understand dashboard widgets or reports which allows to drill down wherever required. HR and managers can get complete insights into the talent information, performance and plan for the talent development easily. Some of the analytics available readily are;

  • Complete insights into performance appraisal cycle (both current and past).
  • SWOT analysis.
  • 9 Box Matrix
  • Employee insights (new joiners, attrition report, etc.)


This module provides complete analytics from the performance management process. HR and managers can get complete insights into the process and plan for the talent easily. This module takes care of the entire administration and setup of Synergita software for each client. Synergita is very easy to set up and manage. It is aimed at setting up by HR managers. You can set up the following:

  • Organization structure.
  • Level and role definition of employees.
  • Competency map & review form customization.
  • Workflow for the performance appraisal.
  • Privilege management.

 Synergita - Guiding Principles

  • Each customer’s business is unique.
  • The Approach, practices, and processes vary within the same organization based on role/level/location/business.
  • The system should be able to continuously adapt and align with the needs of business leaders and managers.
  • HR practitioners should design, implement and manage their own system without depending on the vendor or internal IT resources.
  • Insights are critical for business decisions.