The Core Value Rating, a Mobile App feature, is the best and simplest way to ask the peers or manager or leader to rate their colleague on adherence to various company values. The rating can be given either in open or anonymous manner. The rating helps HR to measure employees’ adherence level to the company’s core values in their day-to-day actions and interactions. 

Given below are the examples of core values that the organization expects its employees to follow in the work environment.

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Customer success
  • Mutual respect for each other
  • Inclusive learning

To create a new core value rating plan

1. Navigate to Admin > HR Administration

2. Under Engagement Module Setup, click Manage Core Values Rating

Search View lists all the currently Active and Inactive rating plans.

3. Click the Add button. This will direct to 4 tabs that enable you to set up the core value rating

4. In the first tab, give a unique plan name (e.g. Core Value Rating 2019-2020, Core Value Rating 2017-2018.)

5. To continue to the next step, click Save and Continue.

6. In the Rating Scale tab, do the following.

  • Under Configure Rating Scale, define the number of divisions and rating scale to be used in the Core Value Rating plan.
  • You can also Configure Overall Rating Rules by defining minimum and maximum values and bucket value against the ranges. These rules will be used to derive the cumulative rating for the employee considering all the ratings provided for the employee

7. To continue to the next step, click Save and Continue

8. In the Questionnaire tab, do the following.

  • To define organization core values to-be-rated by the employees, click the Add button

  • In the Add Question pop-up, enter the core values questionnaire, set ordinal to order the questionnaire by 1, 2, 3 and so on, define the help text that guides the organization value purpose
  • To add the entered details to the Questionnaire List grid, click Save

9. To continue to the next step, click Save and Continue


10. In the Preferences tab, do the following.

  • Rating Calculation Mode - Set the mode as annual or Half-yearly or Quarterly or Monthly. Based on this mode, the cumulative core value rating will be calculated. For example, if the mode is annual, the cumulative rating will be calculated based on the ratings provided in the present year. 
  • Select Period - Define the period by giving the start and end dates in alignment to the mode chosen above.
  • You can also enable/disable the following options
    • Show guidelines for questions - Displays the rating guidelines for each core value. These guidelines will help the raters while giving ratings 
    • Enable Anonymous Rating - The identity of raters who have rated the core values will be hidden and will show as anonymous users 
    • Show Recent Raters - show the recent raters section in the Core Value Rating page
    • Comments - Comments can be defined as mandatory or optional


11. To continue to the next step, click Save and Continue

12. In the Add Employees list tab, do the following

  • Use employee search filters like Organization Unit, Location, Designation, Employee Type, Employee Status, Level, etc. to pick add employees into Core Value Rating program
  • To add more employee to-be-part of this plan apart from adding using the search filters, click Add under Additional Employees section

13. To continue to the final step, click Save and Continue

14. After reviewing the overview of the plan settings, click Confirm for the configured settings and then click Initiate to begin the plan set up.

  • If you are not satisfied with the settings, click Previous to modify the settings.
  • You can modify the rating and bucket values, questionnaire and can add more employees to the rating plan even after confirming and initiating the plan

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screenshots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.