HR Admin can manage the users easily with the User Management module. 

Click on the "Configuration" link on the navigation menu. 


Switch to the "User Management" tab on the configuration page. 

Adding New Users  

Click on the "+" icon on the top right of the user management section. A new user form will open up. Please fill in the details of the new user. 

  • Name - Enter the name of the user. 
  • Email ID - Enter the email ID of the user.
  • Designation - Choose the designation of the employee from the drop-down. Click the "Add/Manage Values" to create a new designation.
  • Organizational Unit - Choose the department or team of the user.
  • Reporting Manager -Either click on the search icon or type the name of the person who you wish to select as the reporting manager. Choose the reporting to manage for the user from the list of names given in the directory by clicking on the "view Directory". 
  • Photo - Upload the users' pictures.
Click the "Save" button. You will get the confirmation message