With the User Management module, privileged users can efficiently manage users in the organization. Follow the steps below to add new users to the system:


Navigating to the page

  • Navigate to OKR Admin button on the left navigation pane. 

  • Click on User Management page in OKR Admin.

Adding New Users  

Click on the "+" icon located on the top right corner of the user management section. This action will open a new user form where you can enter the details of the new user.

  • Name - Enter the name of the user split into First name, Middle name, and Last name. The first and last name are mandatory fields.
  • Email ID - Provide the email ID of the user.
  • Designation - Choose the designation of the employee from the drop-down. You can also create a new designation by clicking "Add/Manage Values.".
  • Organization unit -  Select the department or team to which the user belongs.
  • Reporting Manager -To choose the reporting manager, click on the search icon or type the name of the person you wish to select. You can view the directory by clicking "View Directory" and select the reporting manager from the list of names.
  • Set as Admin- By default, a new user who signs up for Synergita OKR through the website becomes an Admin. The toggle button will automatically be turned on for the admin role. Admins have the privilege to access the configuration menu and invite other users. It is mandatory for the system to have at least one user assigned to the "Admin" role. If there are no other admins, the system will not allow you to turn off the button.

    A pop-up message will appear if you try to turn off the Set as Admin button without having another admin. The message will state that "At least one user should be set as Admin." After making the necessary changes, click on the Update button to save the changes.