HR admin can easily change the preferences of OKR according to the Organization's needs. 

Click on the "Configuration" link on the navigation menu. 


Click on the "OKR Configuration" tab.  

Choose who can manage the company objectives  

Company objectives can be managed by one or more employees. You can easily start typing the employee names and add the employees who can manage the company objectives. These employees can add, edit and update the progress of company objectives. 



Choose who can manage the team objectives  

For each team, you can designate one or more employees to manage the team objectives. You can choose the employees easily either by searching or from the directory.  

Employees can add, edit and update the progress of company objectives. 


Select one or more teams by clicking the "Organization Unit" field. Click the "Apply Button"

Click the "Save" button.  

Enable approval of team objectives 

Toggle the "Enable Approval" button to turn on the approvals. 


Choose the approvers and the Organization unit. Then click the "Save" button.  

You can set the approvers for each Organization Unit/Team by clicking the "Add" button.  

Setup who can create individual objectives for other employees 

You may want to allow either primary managers or all the employees to create individual OKRs for other employees. This option gives the freedom to create and assign individual OKRs to employees. You can set it up as per your needs and save the changes by clicking the "Save" button at the bottom. 


Save the changes by clicking on the "Save" button at the bottom.


Access to Confidential Objectives 

While OKRs are typically transparent to all employees, you may prefer to keep a few objectives confidential. While creating new objectives, you can set them as confidential. You can provide access to confidential objectives only to a few employees.  

Save the changes by clicking on the "Save" button at the bottom. 

Enable approval for individual objectives  

Optionally you can enable the approval step for individual objectives by turning on the toggle button. 

Aligned Objective Owner -When an objective is aligned to the existing objective, the owner of the aligned objective becomes the "Aligned Objective Owner". The owner can review & approve whether this OKR needs to contribute or not. 

Reporting manager - The OKR owners' reporting manager can approve the OKR. 

The configuration can be done as per your requirement.  The changes can be by clicking the "Save" button at the bottom. 

Save the changes by clicking on the "Save" button at the bottom. 

Enable review for Objectives  

The review option allows the  Organizations to validate the performance of OKRs formally. Either reporting managers or OKR owners formally review the OKR and decide whether to either close the OKR or continue to work on OKR. 

Turn on the toggle button to enable review. 


Click on the "Select your grade scale" button and choose the desired scale for review. 

The qualitative option allows you to provide only comments or feedback during reviews. 


Choose who needs to review the individual objectives. 

Aligned Objective Owner - The owner of the aligned OKR needs to review the OKR. 

Reporting manager - Reporting manager of the OKR needs to approve the OKR. 

Choose who needs to review the team objectives.  

Aligned Objectives OKR Champion The OKR champion of the aligned objective needs to approve the OKR 

OKR Champion's reporting manager - The reporting manager of the OKR champion of OKR can approve this OKR 

Save the changes by clicking on the "Save" button at the bottom. 

Setup tags for OKR  

You can optionally tag your OKRs. On the OKR configuration page, you can create those tags. Tags allow you to categorize the OKRs for easy reference. 

Once you have created the required tags, click on the "Save" button at the bottom to save the tags.