Assessment/Feedback forms provide a starting point for goal-setting. They may contain several sections like; Goals, Competency, Alignment to Values etc., which enables to clearly define the goals/objectives, standards, and measures to be achieved. 

Synergita allows for customization of review forms, which includes adding additional sections & subsections which can be tied to a parent section.  

Human Resource (HR) manager can create a new feedback form from scratch; It is possible to create review forms specific to each employee, specific to their designation or a common review template across the organization. 

Human Resource (HR) Administrator can add or modify rating scales from Home screen GoTo IKJoAUO--JNOgkQSPeg3AKbJBRvJ7cN6lw.png -> HR Administration 


Click on Manage Sections on HR Administration page, It takes you to the following window;


Click on lxuA9vskaSv1P1TLT0T01P4O8ZO9LUcDNQ.png to include a new section. 

Complete the details asked; 

  • Parent Section: It is possible to create a new section which can be a subsection for an existing section. 


  • Section Name: To create a new section, provide a name that best fits and easily relates with the behavior areas to be assessed. Examples for Section Name are Job Skills, Core Skills, Critical Behavior, Values, Soft Skills etc., 
  • Select Type: Select from the drop-down option. There are two Types available Employee Section Type & Organization Section Type, 


on completing all the details click on the 8pVeG761cuz3qgyxPMbkhqmfZfpH-QKO0g.png  icon to save the details. 

To discard the changes, click on YnjVFY9xzJrPt0aVH43mt7yz953KhsjJEA.png

Note: Selecting "Employee Section Type" allows to edit or modify the appraisal form to set the bar and align employee behavior with the desired behavior in a particular role/function or any role/function. This enables to set "Employee Specific Objectives" w.r.t to what he needs to do to for successful outcome of the task(s) and customize performance appraisal/feedback form specific to employee and standardize behavior for successful accomplishment of similar tasks

Selecting "Organization Section Type" enables to develop and maintain appraisal/feedback forms specific to employees performing similar role/job function or by designation. Sections/Sub-sections included under this type are hard coded so are not open to edit or modify at a later time. 

This sections helps and enables to group & maintain behavior competencies. This also reflects in the competency library for use by employee or manager. 


PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screen shots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.