Continuous Feedback & Social Recognition

Feedback & Recognition are extremely valuable when shared at the right time.

  • Provide continuous feedback anytime to your team members, peers, and managers. Will help you to pass on the appreciation as well as provide critical inputs to them anytime without having to wait for the appraisal process. 
  • You can maintain confidential notes for each employees' which can be referred to during the appraisal process
  • You can provide a feedback to your team member from your Outlook without having to login into Synergita. 
  • Recognize your employees (peers, team members, managers) through a reward system
  • Reduce Manager’s bias on an individual employee

How to view continuous feedback received by a Team member?

Typically primary & skip level managers will have access to provide continuous feedback for team members. But HR shall configure the system as per Organization requirements.

Navigate to Xm69pQ6hCq9JqDY8rhI18KyxeFZuWVS_zg.png --> My Team's Performance


This page displays the various performance related activities of the team members. Identify the employee to whom continuous feedback is to be provided. Click on the action button at the right-hand corner. It opens a window


The various options that are displayed are: 


Click the “Continuous Feedback” link from the action context menu for the employee to navigate to the continuous feedback page of the particular employee. 


Any feedback submitted will be published after 15 min. The feedback can be edited or deleted within those 15 minutes. 

Awards & Recognition

Continuous feedback becomes very effective with awards & social recognition. It is very easy to view the awards received by a team member. The configuration for visibility can also be setup to announce Awardees or good performers across the Organization to develop & maintain high levels of motivation among the team members. 


Note: There is provision to respond to appreciations or award winners. Each post can be responded to. 

Flagging & Visibility Options 

Visibility settings allow managers to control the visibility of feedback to a certain group of people.

  • Private – Posted feedback is visible only to the individual who posted (typically a manager) and the recipient.
  • Confidential – Feedback is visible only for the manager. This option must be chosen for all confidential notes.
  • Restrict To – You can choose one or more relationships to whom the feedback will be visible.

The Flagging option enables the situation/feedback to be flagged / escalated to select relationships. The System will send email notifications to all flagged relationships. By default, self is always notified.