OKR Progress of Synergita OKR can be updated from Microsoft Teams. This integration allows the users to update the progress directly without logging into Synergita OKR, thereby saving time.

Enable Microsoft Teams

  • Log in to Synergita OKR.

  • Navigate to OKR Admin >> Integrations.

  • Click on the Microsoft Teams Integration to initiate the integration process.

  • Switch on toggle: Enable Notifications to MS Teams.  


  • Synergita OKR must be installed to Microsoft Teams.
  • To install,
    • Access the Apps Library.
    • Search for Synergita OKR.
    • Select Synergita OKR from the list of apps.


  • This opens the description of the application, along with rating and app permissions,
  • Click on Install button. If your administrator has restricted app installation, then click on Request Approval button. Once the admin accepts, it will be installed.

Progress Update

  • Open Synergita OKR from the list of Apps.
  • To update the progress of the OKR, type Update OKR.

  • Select between the OKR type namely Company, Team, and Individual.
  • This will list the available OKRs under the category.
  • When the OKR is selected, it will open a card to update the progress.
  • Let us look at an example of updating a company OKR.
  • When company card is clicked, it displays the list of company OKRs, accessible to the user.

  • When the user clicks on the name of the company OKRs, it displays the list of key results belonging to the OKR.. 

  • Selecting the Key Result, displays the progress update window, where the progress percentage can be typed.

  • Once the progress is entered and updated, it gets updated in Synergita OKR. The summary of the updated key result is displayed.

Note: This feature is only for the users of OKR Growth.