• To update the progress of the OKR, type "Update OKR".
  • Select between the OKR type namely Company, Team, and Individual.
  • This will list the available OKRs under the category.
  • When the OKR is selected, it will open a card to update the progress.

The progress of the Key Results can be updated in three ways.

  • Drag/Slide the progress bar to the desired value representing the achieved progress. 
  • Use the up & down arrow buttons to adjust the completion percentage on the right of progress bar.
  • Enter the value of the achieved target in the dedicated text box.

 Adjusting any of these three will automatically change the other two values in the pop-up. 

Once the progress is updated, it will automatically get updated in Synergita OKR.

Note: This article is currently under development and should not be considered final.