Managers can view the performance of their team members from ‘My Team Performance’. From Home screen GoTo HCdCD5bfzrX-cOhx_gIn2AZhVSmGf_8ZgQ.png -> My Team Performance. 


It takes you to the following page;


There are filters available in ‘My Teams Performance Page’. They are;


  1. Search option filter is used to search for a particular team member’s record.
  2. Advanced Search Option dEc6TXMltklCcAbwgLGNpvm2Qw-e3x8Enw.png for including more parameters to the search option. 


  3. Active / Inactive filter is used to list down records of employees by their status of employment. 
  4. Sort By Filter has various options.


  5. xIFBdAmoNjPYXZbo8baOVcfZPd5n6NHuHg.png option for ascending or descending order.  

  6. Cycle Name : Provides the option to choose a particular appraisal cycle. 


Managers can Set and view Goals templates, view past feedback, view & provide continuous feedback and many more actions are possible through this page;

Set & View Goals Status

Click on the 




It takes you to the following page;


This allows to Set Goals for individual employees and also allows to View Goals Status as on date. 

Viewing past feedback

Click on the  oJYgieZJ4VeQ1057CeRDFq-jiBp9VUWrJg.png icon it takes to the past feedback page; There is an option to select the review period



It takes you to the following page;

Continuous feedback

Click on the P0iVFzcbuVxvS6qyM16NVWn29U6taF67tA.png action menu select Continuous Feedback from the list displayed in the action tab; sY5h6wFoCZg7NzjmRZeqc7Mo-8zpLNYXNA.png It takes you to the Continuous feedback page of the employee. 


PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screen shots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.