Pending Activity Widget on My Dashboard displays all pending activities to be completed. To GoTo Dashboard click on GG3cO1J0x94B33qeQxnAzDlZ-Ce8uSNN8w.png  This widget is enabled with a quick search option to drill down and list various pending activities for different employees.


 Click on Provide Feedback the link will directly take to the Provide Feedback page for the employee or the Team member. 

An employee can provide self-feedback and managers can provide feedback for his team members. When this activity is on, you will get an action item ‘Provide feedback’ in the action tab of 'My Action Items’ screen (Performance -> My Action Items).

Click "Provide Feedback"; it takes you to the following page;


The feedback form looks similar for both the self- feedback for the employee and for the appraiser feedback. The feedback form would clearly indicate the target and the achievement against the target (The achievements can be regularly updated in the synergita by the appraised, this would save time at the end of the review period and also make it possible to monitor progress seamlessly). 

For each goal's that have been set an employee will be able to reflect on his performance and provide the qualitative as well as the quantitative feedback. The rating guidelines are provided to ensure consistency in assessment. 


Here you assess the employee and give relevant and necessary feedback to the employee for competencies displayed and goals achieved. The rating scale allows for the grading the employee based on his performance. 

You can save your feedback as many times as you want by clicking onFrB4gxWCRMt9kXVeVmD_3kuQ6ilCbJGYbQ.png without submission of the feedback form for further action. 
On completion of the feedback you submit the feedback by clicking on WdGzvuYUzjgpjekBs3KidvlQsjFJ8Dtl8g.pngyou won’t be able to change the feedback; the workflow proceeds to next activity.

Managers will be able to refer the feedback given by other reviewers. The manager can view the feedback given by other reviewers for a particular goal/competency by clicking on  '360-degree feedback' button.

It helps you to view the self-feedback, feedback given by their peers, supervisors, and direct report for a particular goal.

It is also possible to view feedback given by all peers, supervisor and subordinates by clicking the 'Related Feedback' link. It also enables you to refer the previous feedback cycles and continuous feedback for the employee.

To view related feedback click on GLDlRfG1gDqBP07fGy_zyQRBbHnUBcIJoA.png to view the feedbacks.


PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screen shots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.