Meeting summary form captures the minutes of meeting held between the manager and his team member. It includes date, place and time of the meeting.

Note: Meeting Summary option can be accessed either from the Pending Activities listed on the Dashboard Widget or through or through My Action Items in the Performance Tab. 

To View Dashboard Widget "Pending Activities". Click on GG3cO1J0x94B33qeQxnAzDlZ-Ce8uSNN8w.png this would navigate to the Dashboard page. 

Pending Activity Widget on My Dashboard displays all pending activities to be completed. This widget is enabled with a quick search option to drill down and list various pending activities for different employees. Click onDRGhp-fLyHERQBm8wiWSz-2NhxACVX9zsw.png it will directly take to the Meeting Summary page of the selected employee.


Meeting Summary can also be accessed through "My Action Items' . Click on ksBgiJGacZcEkF58GsnlOOvndzkMMS92ng.png ->My Action Items. ‘Meeting Summary’ action is available in the ‘My Action Items’ screen (Performance -> My Action Items).


Click yw4ay9Ch4bBKW0CVYhbDLEfEpzGYsovrbw.pnglink; it takes you to the following page;


Here the manager can go through the Recommendations and feedback which are already given and can fill in the details in the fields provided. 

Use the expansion icon OXO_022jWMN887zbF99D52KT7QtqJqkENA.pngto expand or the collapse icon Znv9ags5ddyVcEauRf_FQ0mn4d9hm7WFvA.pngto expand or collapse a section view. 

After completing the fields available as configured for your organization click on WCCzj4MoZKV9RvjfWHTA2VfYjDp5ez2jqA.pngto save the meeting summary. 

Clicking on q4wwBtt5e5fgpLQJ-nP4eEACEzq1NBbW4w.png the button will save the meeting summary and the workflow proceeds to the next step.

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screen shots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.