Employee Feedback Status Report provides status of one or more process in the feedback cycles (goal setting/appraisal cycles). HR will find this report useful in monitoring & tracking the status of appraisal feedback cycles.

HR managers shall be access the Employee Feedback Status Report from Home screen Navigation Bar click on behI9fP-h7EE4Vn64ljji7J7rmL0l6y9-w.png -> Manage reports. 


Employee Feedback Status Report is grouped/organized under Performance Management Section


Click on Employee feedback status report, it takes you to the following page;

Here you can generate feedback status report with the help of available filter logic with predefined criteria;

  • Cycle duration: It helps the user to filter the feedback cycles created between any two particular dates.
  • Organization Unit: It helps to generate feedback status report based on the organization unit.
  • Feedback work flow status: This report helps to drill down & get the most out of it. This report helps to identify the status of  the employees included in the feedback cycle. It also indicates which employee falls under the selected process in the workflow.

  • Feedback cycle name: Here you can choose a particular feedback cycle and generate a feedback status report for that particular cycle.
  • Name: Here you can generate a feedback status report of a particular employee.

You can Add or Remove the Field Filters to customize views. Click on the Add button, it takes you to the following page which displays all the available Field Filter options;

Select the filters you want and click on Save button to run the report.

Employee Feedback Status Report page has a chart view which displays the work flow status. It shows the status by employee count.

The chart, displays all the details of employees included in the feedback status report.

For any additional action to customize visualization kindly click on the Hammer & Wrench Icon to select the fields to be displayed in the chart. Feedback Status Report can easily be customized for visualization by clicking on   (settings) icon. It takes you to the following window;

Here you can decide the fields to be displayed by choosing the required fields from the ‘Available Fields’Select the fields which is required and Click on  and it will be visible in ‘Display Fields’, If you want to remove some fields from ‘Display Fields’ select the filed and click on and when you are Finished Click on save button.

There are two options available to group the report. Option1 permits to group by the WorkFlow Status and Option2 allows to group by the drop down options available. 

Finally you can export the reports generated in an Excel, PDF or Word format by clicking on  . Here you Select from the options available. Select from the options available. When you export the report, Synergita creates a copy of the report and also allows you to store it in the selected format. 

Kindly review the suggested file name (Synergita uses the name of source report). Before saving the file, if you want you can modify the file name and in the file format drop box, select the file format that you want and click Save. 

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screen shots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.