Synergita provides extensive reporting capabilities in the form of Dashboards & Reports. All the reports help to build a clear perception of the performance management process and drill down in a variety of ways to focus where you want. These reports help to analyze employee performance accurately and plan for their development.

  • Easy to understand graphical charts
  • The reports can also be easily configured for insights

Reports Common Features

  • Customization Filters: Provision to add/remove filters to drill-down for insights on the required detail.
  • Privileges can be set for the manager to view details of only his team members.
  • Provision to export the report in Excel or PDF format.
  • Provision to print the reports.
  • Provision to export the Dashboard Graphical Charts as PDF or Image

Dashboard Widgets

These are configured for the benefit of HR, Department Heads, Line Managers, and the Top Management team.   

Few of the Widgets on the Dashboard are:

  • Head Count – Lists the Total Employees by Department
  • New Hire – Lists the number of new enrollments by month
  • Feedback Cycle Status – Lists the total employee in a feedback cycle & their status 
  • Pending Activities- Lists the pending activities in the current feedback cycle
  • Rating Distribution -  Lists the rating distribution of the team by their grades
  • Attrition Summary – Lists the number of employees left during a particular period. 

Reports: Synergita offers an excellent set of reports. There are over 30 reports and have been classified under two types.  

  • Employee - These are a transaction in nature and are useful for day-to-day usage. These broadly cover details about the employee. Few examples are;
    • Employee Report
    • Skill Set Report
    • Experience Report
    • Education Report
    • New Joiner Summary Report
    • Attrition Summary Report
    • Review Plan Report
    • Career Aspiration Report
    • Training Report
  • Growth - These are reports are strategic in nature, few examples are as given below;
    • 9 Quadrant Report
    • Strength & Weakness Analysis
    • Perception Analysis Report
    • Employee Feedback Status Report
    • Reviewer Feedback Status Report
    • Recommendation Report
    • Continuous Feedback Summary Report
    • Process Feedback Report
    • Review Plan Summary Report

Note: Every report in the system can be customized for view with the settings option to choose the fields for display and group by option.

 HR has complete access to all the reports. Line Managers & Department Heads are provided access to few of the Growth & Employee Report. 

PS:  Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screenshots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.