All organizations maintain Employee Records either because the law requires them or for internal purpose. 


Maintaining Employee Records is particularly important for internal purposes when it comes to getting the best out of your employees. It also improves the organization's readiness to respond to information of this type. This also helps with the overall planning of the human capital needs of the organization both immediate and future. 

For internal purposes, maintaining employee records is necessary for the formulation of employment policies, the procedure for recruitment, training, promotion, etc. For example, the statistics of employee records help develop employment policies free from any bias on grounds of gender, religion, age, disability, etc., to ensure fair treatment of all employees. 

To draw the best out of employees with respect to performance management, it becomes essential to maintain records pertaining to job skills, education, and certifications, experience, career history, etc., to know what resources are available to meet production/service requirements. These details empower line managers to make decisions based on facts. These records also play an important role in planning training and career development for individuals. It also influences the recruitment and selection process.  

Synergita helps to capture and maintain complete details about the employee. All the relevant details are organized under different categories as illustrated in the table below: 


Organizational details like Company Profile Name, the User name (email), Date of Joining, Location, company, etc., can be maintained.

Reporting structure

Authority relationship that the employee associated 

Personal Details

Handles employee’s Personal details like address, Contact Details, Date of Birth, etc.

Passport & Visa

Maintain Passport and Visa details


Record educational qualifications and certifications achieved


Lists the entire experience the employee had in different companies holding different designations on his overall career period


Lists the skills of the employee


Maintain documents specifically belonging to an individual employee. For example, Resume, Sample Work, etc.

Career Aspiration

Maintain details with respect to career plans, willingness to relocate, willingness to travel, future roles that an employee is interested to undertake and plans to prepare for the role with respect to improving educational qualifications

The details available in each tab can be easily viewed and accessed by clicking the respective tabs.


It is also very easy to include any additional relevant information. Synergita maintains a wider data for analysis. For Example, maintain the salary of each employee, career aspirations, training recommendations, and its log, attrition details, etc., For example, travel-related information like passport and visa details help to quickly identify employees who are travel-ready for a particular country. 

It is also possible to include additional details in every section by adding a new field to the section. It is also possible to delete a field that is not relevant anymore. This is illustrated in the Career Aspiration page.

To monitor any corrections made and to maintain the accuracy of the data, Synergita notifications engine automatically sends an email to alert the HR and the employee indicating the modification. In addition to this, the notification engine also alerts the employee to renew passport, visa or certifications due for its renewal.  

With Synergita it is easy to maintain and analyze personnel data. 

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screenshots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.