My Profile page displays an employee's business and personal information. Synergita helps to capture and maintain complete details about the employee. The Human Resource Manager has the privilege to access & view, include new employees and edit employee details in the system. 

Navigate to  SeoOl14MjxM5zhc7OYuFKRrbeNtjYq0x_A.png on the menu bar. Click on ‘My Team’ 


This page displays and lists all the active employees in the system. 


To view the details of a particular employee Search by name or Scroll down to locate the employee. 

Then Click on W8HKvrCSIXyJEOcmTZocqx5oi_PV0Nu04g.png icon against the employee, This opens the profile page of the employee. 


Synergita is enabled with inline editable forms for easy update of details. The inbuilt form is structured under each category to make it easier to enter the data or at a later time.  

GoTo Education Tab, it displays the following page of the employee. 


The form displays the education details of the employee.


 Click on 

_I-BveT2EAMUvqjgE4vTeAUlRk1vd7NzXA.png to include a new detail. This creates a new row for furnishing details. The existing detail is also available for review. 


This Open's Add Education Details Form: Which includes various sections like;

  • Course - The name of the qualification 
  • Course Type - You may include details like Regular, Distant Education, Online Program etc., 
  • Institution - The name of the University or College 
  • Location - Place of the Institution
  • Date Attended - Period during which the course was undertaken. The captures the details of the year. 

On completing, the details click on iN0FXU2_TkaA6nb36oVdxxbQkWcVjHXbaQ.png Save icon. The Education List of the employee would get updated and the details will be displayed. 

To discard the changes, click on TH5o0VaAc14ZhWUd1EKleKi2TV6Bu_2Cag.png

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screen shots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.