The HR Admin can update the Reporting Structure of the employee. There are two case scenario's here to this:

1. Maintain historical records of the Primary Manager the Employee was reporting to.

2. Maintain changes to the reporting structure of the employee - as in the case of change of Primary Manager or addition of a co-manager due to various emergent situations.

3. This section can also be used to indicate the HR Business partner of the employee.  

On the Home Screen screen, Navigation Bar goto Sk9fnSKpyH_FJ-cTv75BojHgSV6W0tAwzg.png Click on ‘My Team’ tab it displays and lists all the active employees in the system.



Select the employee for whom the details are required to be updated. This can be done by either Search by name or Scroll down to locate the employee. 



Select the employee and click on the profile icon 52CU7koeLBbxIoj8QzG7tedc3Ndd1EFwaw.png to open the employee profile page. GoTo Reporting Structure. Reporting Structure page, of the employee, indicates various details. 


This page displays the reporting structure of the employee. Click on the details it opens the form in the editable format.  


Update the details and click on a07WMmLLUQC2b34XaZtT4U0mlPEew2hh9A.pngto save the changes. 

To discard/cancel the changes made click on kIXjHAFwxWs8TF41054Aca4BV6py5VWfaQ.png 

To include additional details click on lMePJnXDSmLCa3ZXAKyL14TT2BpSRNgZIg.png this opens a new window. 


Complete all the details. All fields are mandatory. To include the Effective From or Effective To dates use the calendar button to select the dates. 

Finally, click on  a07WMmLLUQC2b34XaZtT4U0mlPEew2hh9A.pngto save the changes or  kIXjHAFwxWs8TF41054Aca4BV6py5VWfaQ.png to cancel or discard the changes. 

To delete a particular reporting structure click on OuqYDM-AsveayudCEKjY1sdeEaXuXLdwkQ.png

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screen shots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.