The HR Admin can update the Reporting Structure of the employee for the following cases. The two case scenarios include:

1. Maintaining changes to the reporting structure of the employee - as in the case of change of Primary Manager or in adding a co-manager as another reporting relationship due to various emergent situations.

2. Maintaining changes in the HR Business partner of the employee

My Profile page displays the employees' business and personal information. Synergita helps to capture and maintain the employee profile in detailed structure. 

  • HR Admin has the privilege and access to view, include new employees and edit employee details. 

  • Navigate to People > My Team. The My Team page displays with the list of all the active employees in the system. 

  • To view the details of a particular employee, use the Search box to search by keyword and/or navigate the pages to find and locate that particular employee. 

  • Click the profile photo or the name of an employee. This opens the profile page of the employee.

  • Click the Reporting Structure tab.

  • This page displays with the details of the reporting relationship that is effective for the employee. 

  • To edit the existing details, just click the relevant row

  • Make necessary modification and click the save icon a07WMmLLUQC2b34XaZtT4U0mlPEew2hh9A.pngto update the changes. 

  • To discard/cancel the changes, click the delete icon kIXjHAFwxWs8TF41054Aca4BV6py5VWfaQ.png 

  • If the employee reports to more than one manager, to include additional relationship details, click Add. This will create a new row under each column.

  • Select the authority relationship and the related employee.

  • Set Effective From/Effective To dates using calendar. 

  • Finally, click the save icon  a07WMmLLUQC2b34XaZtT4U0mlPEew2hh9A.pngto save the changes. 

  • To remove a reporting structure, click the delete icon OuqYDM-AsveayudCEKjY1sdeEaXuXLdwkQ.png

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screenshots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.