Two "Grade Scales" and a "Business Rule" has to be configured by the HR Administrator for this HiPo activity.

Grade Scale:

Human Resource (HR) Administrator can add/ Modify this grade scale from the Tenant administration --> Manage Grade scales page.

Click on the "Manage Grade Scales" in the Tenant administration page will take you to the following page

 The HR Administrator has to add two new Grade scales for this HiPo activity. The two grade scales are "Potential Scale" and "Critical Scale".

In order to add a grade scale, you have to fill all the columns that are provided in the "Manage Grade Scales" page. The following are the fields that are available.

  • Grade Scale Name: The name of the scale as must be provided..
  • Number of Divisions: The number of divisions in the grade scale has to be set here. This number of divisions set here will be displayed in the Potential scale and Critical scale as drop-down values.
    • Example: If you give the number of division as 5, then in the "Potential scale" drop down the values from 1 to 5 will be displayed.

Here you can provide,

Text Value: 

You can provide a text value that will indicate the level of performance demonstrated (score). Example: Good, Very Good

Numerical Value: 

You can provide a numerical value with respect to the level of performance demonstrated. Example: 2- Good, 3- Very good

Rating Guidelines: 

Refers to the definition of the competency demonstrated.

By the same method the "Critical scale" must be created.

HiPo score calculation logic:

The HR Administrator can configure the weightage to be assigned in calculating the HiPo score here. The weightage for the Average performance score, Potential score and Critical score can be configured here.

HR Administrator can modify the business rule from  the Tenant administration --> Business rule page. The business rule page will be as shown below.

Clicking on the Edit icon across the "Performance Potential& Critical score calculation" will take you the following page. In this page you can configure the weightages to calculate the HiPo score.

You have to enter the weightages for the across different parameters given in the drop down. The sum of the weightages must be equal to 100%.

Based on the weightages entered here for  "Average performance score, Potential Rating, Critical Rating" the HiPo score will be automatically calculated by the system.

Add: Clicking on Add will allow to add one more parameter to configure the weightage

Click Save to save the business rule.