As a HR Administrator, using the Manage Users page, you can perform various administrative functions like setting default password, resetting user password, enforcing password reset, lock and unlock user accounts.

To mass perform user actions

1. Navigate to Admin > Tenant Administration

2. Under User Management, click Manage Users

Search View lists the users existing in the system.

3. For mass inserting the users to be filtered, click Add File next to Import employee to be filtered.

Note: It is highly recommended to use the Default Template. This is because the template contains the required formatting and header rows. Your data file will not successfully upload if it doesn't contain the required information.

4. Download the Default Template excel. Fill the excel in a valid format. The data must include the employee's Email Id.

5. Click Choose File to upload the updated template. 

6. Click Validate. The uploaded data is validated for its data types.

7. Click Apply. Only the users to be filtered will be displayed in the User Management list.

8. Select an individual or multiple user accounts you require to set a default password and click the action Set Default Password. The system shows the message “Password Updated Successfully.”


The system set the standard default password format as First 3 characters of Employee FirstName + @ + Date of Joining in the format "ddMMMyyy". In this case, the password is "Ale@14Oct2019"



PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary on how the features described here. The given screenshots may also vary from what you see in your system. Please talk to the concerned person in the Organization for any specific queries.