Reviewing OKRs is a critical aspect of the OKR process, and Synergita OKR provides an efficient way to conduct these reviews. Reviewing OKRs allows users to analyze progress, identify areas of improvement, and ensure alignment with organizational goals. Users designated as a reviewer in OKR configuration can proceed with this feature. Review option is available for Team and Individual OKRs. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to review OKRs in Synergita:

  • Navigate to OKR Approvals / Reviews from the left navigation pane. This will lead you to the OKR Reviews section.
  • There are two tabs, one each for individual objectives and Team objectives. The respective tab can be selected, if you need to review individual or Team objectives respectively.

  • Each of these tabs are sub divided into two more tabs:
    • Waiting for Approval / Review - Shows objectives that needs your attention for approval or review.
    • Sent or Approval / Review - Shows objectives that you have sent for approval or review. 
  • The objectives can also be filtered by using the search box functionality on the top left of the page.
  • If only the objectives awaiting review need to be viewed, the status filter can be used to search and select the option.

  • Once the objectives are filtered, you can click on the objective to open the OKR Details page.
  • Here, you can type in your comments about the OKR's performance, and select the rating. Check the progress made and identify any areas that need improvement.
  • The review can be comments only, or 3 point review scale or 5 point review scale depending on the configuration.

  • Additionally, you can rate the OKR's performance based on the progress and alignment with the defined objectives.

Choose Next Steps

  • Based on the review, you have the option to decide whether the employee should continue working on the OKR or if it needs to be closed.
  • If there is satisfactory progress, you can choose to let the employee continue working on the OKR.
  • If the objective has been fully achieved or is no longer relevant, you can choose to close the OKR.
  • Conducting OKR reviews in Synergita helps facilitate continuous improvement, align efforts with organizational goals, and ensures that objectives are on track for successful completion.

Enabling Review

  • Objective review can be enables or disabled in the configuration section.
  • Navigate to OKR Admin >> OKR Configuration >> Enable Review for OKR?

  • If the toggle is turned off, then the objective can be completed and closed directly.
  • If the toggle is turned on, then there is an option to add comments along with quantitative review scale.
  • The reviewers for team and individual OKR can also be customized between Reporting Manager and Aligned objective owner. Additional user can also be added as a reviewer for Team OKRs.
  • There are three types of review:
    • Comments Only: Only comments can be added. It is open ended.
    • 3 Points Review Scale: Comments can be added along with 3 levels of rating. 
    • 5 Points Review Scale: Comments can be added along with 5 levels of rating.

  • The naming of 3 points Review scale and 5 points review scale can be customized as shown in the image below.