By aligning OKRs, you can bring the entire workforce together to work towards Organization objectives. Individual OKRs are aligned with Team OKRs and in turn with Company OKRs. 

You can align the OKRs while creating a new OKR. You can also create the alignment anytime by updating the OKR. 

Click the "Choose Objective" and align the OKR. 

Choose the OKR for alignment from the list of OKRs showing up. You can easily search OKRs with the filter options available.

Choose an objective & click on the "Align" button. 

  • On the right side, there is a Filter by feature pane. There are three options by which one can align the objectives. 
  • Filter By: Placing the cursor on this will list out all the tags.
  • Click and choose the relevant one. 
  • Search by employee: Clicking on the view directory will show the list of employees in the organization. Click and choose the employee whose objective is to be aligned.
  • Organization Unit: Clicking on the organization unit will display the company, division, and department. You can choose one from the listed options. 
  • After choosing the objective based on the filters, you can click on apply.
  • The desired objective will be aligned with the parent objective.

Remove Aligned Objective 

If you wish to remove the aligned objective follow the steps below: 

  • Click on the desired Objective icon (Company, Team, or Individual) in the side menu bar. 
  • You will land on the chosen Objectives listing page. 
  • Click on the objective which you wish to edit. 
  • This action will take you to the OKR details page. From the list of objectives, click on the Action drop-down cursor near the objective that you want to edit. 

  • Clicking on the drop-down cursor will list Edit/Close and Drop options. 
  • Click >Edit 
  • This action will take you to the Edit page (Company/Team/Individual objective). 
  • Go to Align Objective field on the Edit page. 

  • Clicking on the"x"icon will remove the aligned objective. 
  • To add another objective, follow the same steps as mentioned at the beginning of the article.