Cascading OKRs is a powerful feature within Synergita that allows you to align OKRs across your organization seamlessly. By cascading key results, you can break down high-level company objectives into specific team and individual objectives. This ensures everyone is working towards the same shared vision, promoting better collaboration and results. In this article, we take an example of cascading from a company OKR. Follow the steps below to cascade objectives. 


  • Go to the left navigation pane and click on Company Objective page.
  • This opens the Company objective page. Create an objective on your own or use templates.

  • If there are existing objectives, then you can click on the “+” symbol to open the create objective page.

  • Fill in all the fields in this Create Company Objective page.
  • Note: Click here to know more about creating objectives.

Steps to cascade OKR

  • In Define Key Result section, there is a checkbox option titled Assign as objective.

  • When this check box is selected, additional fields are displayed:
    • OKR Type: You can select the type of OKR cascaded, which can be Team or Individual. A Key Result from Company and Team OKR can only be cascaded to Team and Individual objectives, but not to other company objectives. Individual OKR can be cascaded to other Individual OKRs.
    • Choose Owner Field: Text input to specify the owner of the cascaded objective. You can type and select the owner, or click on View Directory button.
  • Click Save KR to save this key result
  • You can also choose to clear or delete this Key Result by clicking the respective buttons.
  • Once the Key Results are added, you can Save/Submit the Objective
  • Now the Company (Parent) objective is successfully submitted and its Key Results are assigned to other users as their Cascaded Objective. 
  • The progress made by the Cascaded Objective will have an impact on the progress of the Parent Objective. 

Accepting a cascaded OKR.

  • The assigned user logs into their Synergita account and open the objective page.
  • The cascaded objective will appear on the respective objective’s page  with the option to Accept or Reject.  

  • The assigned user has the option to Accept or Reject the new objective.
    • If Rejected, the objective is removed from the assigned owner’s page, and the parent’s key result owner is reverted as per parent objective.
    • If Accepted, you can edit the objective to add the key results and submit the OKR.
  • When the OKR Details page of cascaded objective is opened, you can see the OKR from where it is cascaded from , on the right side.

Cascading OKRs After Creation:

  • Click on the desired objective icon (Company, Team, or Individual) on the left navigation pane. You will be taken to the respective Objectives page.
  • Click on the objective that you wish to edit, leading to the OKR Detailpage.
  • From the list of objectives, click on the Action drop-down cursor near the objective you want to edit.
  • Select Edit from the drop-down menu, taking you to the Edit page of the objective.
  • On the Edit page, scroll to the Key result section and click on edit icon.
  • This will open the Edit Key Result section. You can follow the process as per the previous section to cascade the key result.