Continuous feedback is a powerful tool that enables managers and others to provide ongoing feedback and inputs on the progress of OKRs. This feedback process allows managers to mentor employees, offer guidance, and support their efforts in accomplishing their targets. It can boost employee morale and enhances overall engagement.

Follow the steps below to provide continuous feedback for OKRs in Synergita.



  • Click on Individual Objectives in the navigation menu, which will direct you to the Individual Objectives page.
  • On the Individual Objectives page, click on the continuous feedback icon next to the individual objective for which you want to provide feedback.

Share Feedback:

  • The continuous feedback section is opened as a side panel on the right side of the screen, which contains the name of the objective and a text box
  • You can provide your feedback by typing your comments directly into the text box.
  • Alternatively, you can opt to drop a voice note by clicking on the Add Voice Note link and recording your feedback.

Submit Feedback:

  • After providing the feedback, click on the "Submit" button to save and publish your comments.
  • Upon successful submission, a confirmation message will appear, acknowledging that your feedback has been recorded.

Edit or Delete Feedback:

  • You have the flexibility to edit or delete the feedback within the next 15 minutes if necessary.

    Continuous feedback in Synergita ensures a continuous feedback loop that allows open communication, provides valuable insights, and drives employees towards achieving their OKR targets effectively.