A new user can sign up for the OKR product on our company website. Follow the steps below to complete the onboarding.


Type  www.synergita.com, and you will be redirected to the company website.


Click on the Product drop-down, then click Synergita OKR.

This action will take you to the page where you can sign - up for the OKR product.


Click on the Signup button. You will land on the page displaying the Try Synergita OKR for free form.

The form has a list of text boxes. Type the relevant information in all the text boxes.

  • Name: Type your name
  • Company Name: Type the organization name
  • Email: Type a Valid official Email address
  • Phone number: Type a Valid number with the code

Click on the check box> Sign up for free 

Your information provided will be successfully saved and you will receive an email with the link for creating your login password. Clicking on the link will take you to the Set new password window.



Name and Email Id information are auto-populated from the form that was submitted for the Free OKR sign-up. To set the password, type the text fields mentioned below;

  • New Password: Type desired password with the conditions displayed below
  • Confirm Password: Retype the New Password.

Click "Save & Continue" to set the password to the account.

How to invite New Users for Self Sign Up?

Once you sign up for the OKR tool, you will receive a validation email. Click on the "Click Here" link from the email to log into your account.  

Clicking on the same will take you to the password creation page.    

There are fields that need to be filled in for password creation. 

  • Name and Email ID are auto-populated.  
  • New password: Set a strong password using the character you want.  
  • Confirm Password: Re-enter the password. 


Click on the "Save & Continue" button given at the bottom to have the details submitted. Once you have successfully set your password, the next popup card will be displayed. Follow the steps given below to "Invite Users".  

Step 1: Click on the "+Invite User" if you wish to invite your colleagues.  


Step 2: Clicking on "+Invite Users" lists two fields. 




In the name field provide your colleague's name and in the Email ID field provide a valid email ID (official Email ID). 

Step 3: Click on the "Add" button to include the details provided. 


Step 4: To add more users, click on the "Add " button that is displayed on the top. Keep adding how much ever you wish to.  

Step 5: After adding the number of users you want to invite, click the "Send Invite" button. This action sends a welcome email to the invitee and adds them to the system as active users.    

Click the "Cancel" button if you wish to clear the details entered in the Name and Email ID fields. 

Click "Skip This Step" if you do not want to invite any users. 

OKR preferences can be changed on the configuration page and more users can be added via "Configuration ---> User Management ".  

Please click on the link below to go through the detaarticle on OKR configuration.  

Setting up OKR