To upload the photo for an employee individually

  • HR Login 
  • People > My Team
  • Click "Edit" near the employee photo space. 

  • Choose the photo file saved for the employee and click "Upload". Once the photo is uploaded, the same will be loaded for the employee once the page is refreshed.

To upload the photos for the employees in a bulk way:

Step 1

  • HR Login
  • Import/Export > Import Employee Details > Download Employee template

  • Enter the details of the employees only in the fields highlighted in Red with the photo column (if only photos need to be uploaded) and remove the other columns from the sheet.

In the Photo column, enter the photo name as 'Employee Number. Format Name' as you have in the original File.

Example: 12346.jpg

Import sheet view for your view:

Save all the employee photos in a Zip file with the Employee number format and save it in your system.

And, Save the Import sheet on your desktop with the information highlighted in Red columns (First Name, Employee Number, Status) and with the proper File Name (Employee number. Photo format name) in the photo column.


Step 2:  Choose the file from the 'Choose Photo File' option (Saved Zip photo File) from the Import & Validate tab.

Choose the Employee Template file from the 'Choose Import Templateoption (Saved Import sheet) from the Import & Validate tab.

Step 3: Click the Import and Validate option. If the verification is successful will show no invalid records. 

Step 4: Select the Create & Update option. Click Start


Step 5: The HR will get the Upload summary and can click on “OK” to check the employee’s uploaded pictures on the My Teams Page.

After the photos are uploaded, the same will be loaded for the employees once the page is refreshed.

Note : 

Recommended image dimension for the image : 128(width) x 128(height)

The maximum file size supported :1MB.

Supported file types - jpg, png, gif, bmp

PS: Synergita implementation for your Organization may vary from how the features are described here. The screenshots given here may also be different from what you see in your system. Please contact for any queries.