In Synergita, dropping an OKR becomes necessary when the business dynamics change, and certain objectives are no longer relevant or need to be discontinued. Dropping an OKR ensures that efforts are focused on more relevant goals. Here's a simple guide on how to drop an OKR:

  • Click on the desired objective that you want to drop.
  • On the OKR details page, locate the Drop button from the action list and click on it.

  • A confirmation prompt will appear to verify if you want to drop the OKR. Click Yes to proceed with dropping the OKR.


  • The dropped OKRs can be viewed any time on the right side pane of the OKR listing page. 

Note: Dropping an OKR automatically drops all the contributing OKRs and any OKRs aligned to the dropped OKR. The dropped OKRs can be accessed at any time by viewing the right-side pane on the OKR listing page.