In Synergita OKR, you can close an OKR when it is either partially or fully completed and reviewed. Once an OKR is closed, no further updates or modifications can be made to it. Here's a simple guide to closing an OKR:

  • Click on the desired objective that you want to close.
  • On the OKR details page, locate the Close button from the action list and click on it.

  • A confirmation prompt will appear to verify if you want to close the OKR. Click Yes to proceed with closing the OKR.

    Please note that closing an OKR automatically closes all the contributing OKRs and any OKRs aligned to the closed OKR. Closed OKRs can be accessed at any time by viewing the right-side pane on the OKR listing page.

  • The closed OKRs can be viewed any time on the right side pane of the OKR listing page. 

Note: The option to close an OKR will be available for Team and Individual objective detail pages only when the "OKR Review" feature is not enabled.